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Disney like a Passholder!

Whether it's your first or hundredth time visiting, there's nothing quite like the excitement of entering a Disney theme park! From nostalgic attractions to mouth-watering food options and must-have merchandise, no other experience can compare to a well-planned Disney day. However, visiting a Disney park without prior preparation can be a disappointing experience. The magic of Disney quickly fades once you realize your favorite restaurant is fully booked, your favorite ride is closed due to scheduled maintenance, or that the shirt you've been wanting is only available at Magic Kingdom, and you're in Epcot. Could you get lucky? Sure, it's possible! But is an unplanned Disney trip worth the risk? Absolutely not!


The first step in maximizing your Disney vacation is to contact a Fairy Godmother Travel expert! Founded in 2008, we are an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner recognized with the prestigious EarMarked Gold status level, which is a fancy way of saying we KNOW Disney! Set your budget and let our travel agents take care of the rest. Our Disney experts will book the perfect resort for your family, ensure you have the correct type of tickets to enter the parks, and even take care of those hard-to-get dining and Genie+ reservations. We'll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what really matters: enjoying the magic of Disney!


Preparing for your days at the parks is the second step in guaranteeing your Disney vacation is unforgettable. There are countless Disney groups on social media with many tips and tricks on spending the day at a Disney theme park. All that information can be overwhelming. So, we decided to condense it and make it easy! Our writer asked the Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Facebook Group for their top recommendations! Read below to find out how to Disney like a Passholder!


  1. Get ready to jump in with both feet! Epcot spans 305 acres. Magic Kingdom is a little over 100 acres. Disneyland is around 500 acres. No matter which Disney park you visit, you are guaranteed to do a lot of walking! Most Passholders will tell you that closed-toed shoes work best, especially if you plan on joining the fireworks crowd. A park day is not the time to break in a new pair of shoes. Pack footwear you trust and have worn comfortably for extended periods. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day! 

  2. Don't be a fish out of water! The average person walks just over 10 miles on a Disney day. Disney allows guests to bring water bottles. Make sure to pack your favorite refillable bottle! Water fountains are usually found close to all restrooms, and some quick-service eateries inside the parks have complimentary water cups. All Passholders will tell you hydration is critical when spending a day at Disney!

  3. Expect the unexpected! Before your trip, please familiarize yourself with the My Disney Experience Mobile App. You can find estimated attraction wait times, last-minute Genie+ reservations, virtual queues, park maps, and more. Disney's app will be your lifeline inside the parks!


Planning is crucial to any Disney trip whether you are visiting for a weekend or a week! Remember that the magic of Disney starts with you! 

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